About Us


YPA Brand

YPA is one of the fastest growing brands in real Estate. YPA is Your Property Agent and consists of a network of real estate professionals who know and understand that their business is as much about people as it is about property.YPA believes great people will produce a great business and a successful business in any aspect of life. As a result our Agents highly trained and dedicated to the community in which they work and live. We believe that a good result and integrity are not mutually exclusive this is what a great BRAND is all about. We have sold thousands of properties in Victoria in the past 7 years and helped many people and families realise their dreams, we intend to do this forever. The YPA brand is well established with an untarnished reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism. We work hard to keep it that way.

YPA Culture

YPA has a very simple philosophy in development of its corporate culture. We treat all our clients equally whether they be buyers, sellers, investors or tenants. We value sincerity, trust and integrity as much as we value dedication and determination to succeed. It is our aim to build long lasting relationships with all clients so we can serve you time and time again in order to fulfil your real estate needs. This could not be achieved without strong commitment to the principles mentioned above. We offer local knowledge and experience that is unmatched by other agents and this makes dealing with YPA a positive experience. As a real estate network we offer the latest in very smart and strategic marketing and use every resource at our disposal to gain a marketing edge.



YPA People

At YPA our business is only as good as the people who represent us. Therefore with careful recruitment and training we can build a quality business with strong quality people working with our clients. Ongoing personal development is of critical importance for all staff members and ensures YPA provides exceptional service to the same high standards throughout all offices in the YPA network. A harmonious and positive work environment is provided to further foster the careers of our members. We understand the value of smart, strategic marketing and use every resource at our disposal to see your property sold. Through our databases, the web, newspapers and direct mail, we’ll build a campaign that delivers results. One tailored to suit your needs and your budget. It’s your home after all.

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