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Innovation in technology has evolved the way we conceptualize, design, build and buy real estate.Digitization, artificial intelligence, big data, new construction methods, augmented reality, war for talent and innovation, are all transforming how people and companies think and function. Today technology has permeated into every aspect of real estate. The result is increase in productivity which has a direct impact on the economy of our country.

Cities in Canada are expanding and the construction industry has become multifaceted by adopting many new construction methods and technologies. Building Information Modelling(BIM) is being extensively used these days to design and operate buildings. The digital technology helps in creating and analyzing multiple vertical models of a building under different construction and operation scenarios. These tools are effective in not only saving time and money but have also helped in simplifying the design and construction process drastically. Construction industry professionals can visualize building components from early design stage and make design and structural modifications accordingly. Today BIM is used for architecture, structural design and load estimation, sustainability, project scheduling and estimation, construction management, project management.

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